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Beetle Bailey (TX330)'s site

Howdy, I guess I'm supposed to start this off by giving info concerning whom, what and how I am so:

I was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Fairbanks, AK and lived around the interior for only about 8.5 years before our family moved to Chewelah (Choo-wee'-la), WA. That was great! My time in Chewelah as a young boy is probably the best in my memory. Eventually our family made it to Texas to be closer to the rest of the folks and I've been here ever since. Enough about me, though (for the moment).

I'd like to thank y'all for taking the time to read this -- I know how many sites there are on the Internet to check out and I'm really quite amazed that you've made it this far into mine -- THANKS AGAIN!!!

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