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   Hi y'all, I recently went on an Introductory Helicopter flight -- to see what
it'd be like (I'm planning on starting fixed-wing training soon).   It was
AWESOME!!   I had a blast.   I was flying it for almost the entire session (which
lasted about 40 minutes).   I did pretty good (my instructor's opinion) and can't
wait to do it again!   If y'all'd like to do this, contact:

Roar Olsen (PIC) (Pilot/Instructor), Sky Helicopters Inc. 214-349-7000


Here's the pictures from my "Helicopter Adventure" that I enjoyed on 99-12-01:


The Robinson R-22.
Supposed to be one of the most difficult of training-copters!



I was in total control of the heli at this point. The instructor was prepared to 'save us' and it was often that he had to correct my mistakes. BTW: I was QUITE exhilarated by this time!



Here is a pic of the interior. Note the patented "T-Bar" Cyclic assembly (one end for each pilot) -- notice also the collective bar/RPM control at the pilots left hand (down by the seat) and the rudder pedals.



Here is another pic of the interior.



Here is the heli and I!



Here is the heli and my instructor (Roar Olsen).

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Another of the heli.


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