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This page created by DIHI (
and then modified to my purposes - Thanx DIHI !!


This flight is from
Dallas (KDFW) to Houston (KIAH)

Hello I'm your host: Beetle_TX330.
Note: I sometimes go by "TX330"
This is an IP GAME!

Game & RW IP is:     <SVR not running now>

So you don't know what an IP Game is? click here
What is RW? click here

Need Airport Info? is great for your simulated and non-simulated flights!

OK, OK so on with the Fun stuff!
Start in Dallas / Ft Worth Intl RWY 18R.
Use the pic's below for all nav, it is based on the Boeing737-400.

This flightplan was made with FS NAV, check it out!
If you have it you can
download the flight plan here.
Here is a text version that you can D/L.

Downloading Notes: 
Save to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\Modules\FSNavigator

FlightPlan.JPG (73377 bytes)

Green circles are NDB,
Blue are VOR, Yellow are ILS
Yellow diamonds are GPS waypoints

Here is an overview of what the text says.

KDFW-KIAH_overview.jpg (32737 bytes)


Here are the three legs in further detail below:

KDFW-KIAH_1st_leg.JPG (25151 bytes)
KDFW-KIAH_2nd_leg_A.JPG (31735 bytes)
(below is a continuation of leg 2)
KDFW-KIAH_2nd_leg_B.JPG (36425 bytes)
KDFW-KIAH_3rd_leg.JPG (37738 bytes)


Have a good flight!


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